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If you are a Member in Good Standing of your State Bar, or about to become so, NetDivorce is seeking attorney "partners" in states other than California.

There are a few development possibilities for NetDivorce within your state to the mutual advantage of both you and NetDivorce,LLC. NetDivorce will be happy to discuss these possibilities with you. NetDivorce has a methodology under which it would prefer to proceed but is also open to your alternative specific suggestions and proposals.

As to whether the NetDivorce software can be adapted to your state's law and procedure, the answer is a resounding "yes." In fact, because California's divorce system is by far the most detailed and paper-intense, NetDivorce would actually have to be dumbed down to work in your state.

Additionally, NetDivorce LLC is a privately held, financially secure self-funded company. We are always open to new opportunities and alliances.

Please send your enquiries or proposals to NetDivorce.