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If you are a California lawyer looking for an online service to handle your uncontested divorce paperwork, including MSA's, in the cloud, welcome to the end of your search. NetDivorce has handled 29,200 California uncontesteds since 1981 (when we were California Legal Assistance Centers in Riverside from 1981 to 2001).

NetDivorce will handle all of your uncontested paperwork at a low flat fee per case. There are no sign-up costs or monthly fees. Volume doesn't matter. NetDivorce is scaleable. We can handle a case a year or a hundred cases per month. Automatic volume discounts are applied on a case per month basis.

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Whether you have your client log in to our online system and enter the case data themselves or have that done by you and/or your staff, NetDivorce accomodates. Whether you file your clients pro se on an unbundled basis or file them traditionally, NetDivorce accomodates.  All docs are customizable to your preferences.

Call us on 888-NETDIVORCE, e-mail to or use the web form at NetDivorce to inquire about NetDivorce fees and procedures.

NetDivorce Service for California Lawyers Includes the Following (where applicable):

1. Use of NetDivorce's custom context-sensitive online interview, with extensive help system, that gathers all  client data required to complete the below-listed Judicial Council and local county forms (where each is appropriate).
Filing Batch Service Batch Judgment Batch
Any county level Certificate of Assignment/Declaration of Residency or Similar Preliminary Filing Doc Appearance, Stipulation and Waivers Judgment of Dissolution and Notice of Entry of Judgment (Family Law-Summary Dissolution)
Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution Declaration and Conditional Waiver of Rights Under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act 2003 Judicial Council Judgment Checklist-California
Summary Dissolution Worksheets (one completed set and one blank set) Application for Order for Publication or Posting Any County-specific Family Law Judgment Checklist
Summary Dissolution Information booklet Order for Publication or Posting Request to Enter Default (Family Law)
Summons (Family Law) Proof of Service by Posting Any County-specific Order on Entry of Default after Publication
Petition - Marriage/Domestic Partnership Proof of Service by Mail Income and Expense Declaration
Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Proof of Service of Summons (Family Law) Community Property Declaration
Income and Expense Declaration Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt (Family Law) Separate Property Declaration
Community Property Declaration(Family Law) Notice of Rights and Responsibilities (Health Care Costs) Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure
Separate Property Declaration(Family Law) blank Response Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure (Respondent's Preliminary)
Request to Waive Court Fees blank Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Our Drafted Family Code 2107 Application
Order on Court Fee Waiver Declaration of Disclosure (Family Law) Any County-specific Memorandum or Request for Setting for Hearing (Uncontested Matter)
Notice: Waiver of Court Costs Schedule of Assets and Debts (Family Law) Declaration for Default or Uncontested Dissolution(Family Law)
Information Sheet on Waiver of Superior Court Fees and Costs Income and Expense Declaration Child Support Case Registry Form
  blank Declaration of Disclosure (Family Law) Income Withholding Order for Support
  blank Schedule of Assets and Debts (Family Law) Income Withholding Order for Support - Instructions
  blank Income and Expense Declaration Earnings Assignment Order for Spousal or Partner Support
  blank Property Declaration Request for Hearing Regarding Earnings Assignment
  Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure Judgment (Family Law)
  Stipulation and Waiver of Final Declaration of Disclosure Notice of Rights and Responsibilities-Health Care Costs
  Various county-specific Family Code 2105 Waivers Child Custody and Visitation Order Attachment
  Stipulation to Establish or Modify Child Support and Order Child Support Information and Order Attachment
    Non-Guideline Child Support Findings Attachment
    Spousal Support Order Attachment
    Property Order Attachment to Judgment
    Pension Benefits - Attachment to Judgment
    Notice of Entry of Judgment
2. PLUS all necessary attachments and continuation sheets to all listed forms.
3. PLUS use of NetDivorce's Control Panel, providing complete case tracking and progress oversight, one-glance viewing of all critical case data, built-in Child Support Guideline Formula - allowing what-if experimentation; access to individual interview pages; case progress adjustment and control over any First Amended Petition, Marital Settlement Agreement and case modifications.
4. PLUS 24/7 secure access to all of your NetDivorce client accounts, allowing data modifications, subject to applicable Rules of Court, and BOTH single doc and more convenient batch downloading of all listed docs.  All docs are collated and have the correct number of copies.  These are completed docs ready to print, review, sign and file.  All docs, except the Marital Settlement Agreement, are in Adobe pdf format and are downloadable to any Internet-connected PC.  The Marital Settlement Agreement and Stipulated Judgment (where needed) come to you in editable Microsoft Word format.
5. PLUS the following packages: Notice of Change of Address; Request for Dismissal and  Summary Dissolution Notice of Revocation
6. PLUS unlimited free error corrections, data adjustments and re-downloading of all forms, subject, of course, to applicable Rules of Court.
7. PLUS the Marital Settlement Agreement (and where appropriate on a county-specific level, the Stipulated Judgment). By default, our Marital Settlement Agreement is prepared at download of the service batch of docs, but it can be advanced to any time subsequent to completion of the NetDivorce online interview. It can also be retarded to Judgment batch, as you deem appropriate.
8. PLUS the addition of any new forms required for an uncontested dissolution and customization of existing forms to your account-level specifications.
9. PLUS unlimited priority phone access to NetDivorce Support 7 AM - 7 PM M-F and reasonable weekend emergency voice mail and email monitoring.  We're in the front line in our retail divorce business, so we definitely know how important this can be.
10. PLUS the unlimited amout of logic required to prepare all listed forms and track an uncontested dissolution. You deal entirely with the British barrister who designed and wrote all code for NetDivorce software and whom we believe wrote the world's first divorce software package in 1982-3. You will not need to explain your requirements to NetDivorce.