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  • Dok-Chek is the core of NetDivorce's quality control.

  • Dok-Chek is usually the only point of contact a client will need or have with NetDivorce Client Support.

  • Dok-Chek means that every time you print a batch of divorce papers to be submitted to your spouse or to the court, your NetDivorce case worker is advised of that fact, will proofread those documents and advise you by email of any potential problems or that your batch is good to go.

  • What Dok-Chek means to you is that you are never alone with your divorce documents, unless you wish to be. Your case worker will always be there to check for legal or practical problems in your documents. Dok-Chek means you can submit your case with the maximum confidence that comes from the knowledge that your case has been reviewed by an extremely experienced divorce paralegal. (The two most senior NetDivorce caseworkers started handling California uncontested divorce in June, 1981 and March, 1985)

  • As with all NetDivorce Client Support, there is no cost to you for Dok-Chek.  However, NetDivorce requests that you delay after printing in order to provide your case worker with sufficient time to review your documents carefully.  This usually takes less than 24 hours from the time of printout. NetDivorce will advise you promptly if there is a backlog longer than 24 hours.

  • No matter how valuable Dok-Chek is, you are always free, of course, to proceed, in an emergency or otherwise, without waiting for your Dok-Chek email from your case worker.

  • Dok-Chek is turned on in your NetDivorce account by default.  However, if you wish the maximum privacy and confidentiality (bearing in mind that all divorce filings are a matter of public record), you can turn off Dok-Chek in My NetDivorce Account in your Client Menu. If you turn off Dok-Chek, NetDivorce will not look at your divorce documents or your data unless you request.

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