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Arizona | Tucson: 1-800-DIVORCE of Tucson
Connecticut: 1-800-DIVORCE of Connecticut
Florida | Jacksonville: 1-800-DIVORCE of Jacksonville
Florida | Miami-Dade: 1-800-DIVORCE of Miami
Florida | Orlando: 1-800-DIVORCE of Orlando
Florida | Tallahassee: 1-800-DIVORCE of Tallahassee
Illinois | Chicago: 1-800-DIVORCE of Chicago
Indiana | Indianapolis: 1-800-DIVORCE of Indianapolis
Kansas | Wichita: 1-800-DIVORCE of Wichita
Louisiana | Lafayette: 1-800-DIVORCE of Lafayette
Louisiana | Shreveport: 1-800-DIVORCE of Shreveport
Maryland | Baltimore: 1-800-DIVORCE of Maryland
Michigan | Greater Detroit: 1-800-DIVORCE of Michigan
Minnesota | Minneapolis: 1-800-DIVORCE of Minneapolis
New Hampshire: 1-800-DIVORCE of New Hampshire
New Jersey | Greater Newark: 1-800-DIVORCE of New Jersey
North Carolina | Raleigh-Durham: 1-800-DIVORCE of North Carolina
Ohio | Dayton: 1-800-DIVORCE of Dayton
Ohio | Cincinnati: 1-800-DIVORCE of Cincinnati
Oklahoma | Oklahoma City: 1-800-DIVORCE of Oklahoma City
Pennsylvania | Philadelphia: 1-800-DIVORCE of Philadelphia
South Carolina | Charleston: 1-800-DIVORCE of Charleston
South Carolina | Columbia: 1-800-DIVORCE of Columbia
Tennessee | Knoxville: 1-800-DIVORCE of Knoxville
Texas | Austin: 1-800-DIVORCE of Austin
Texas | El Paso: 1-800-DIVORCE of El Paso
Virginia | Charlottesville: 1-800-DIVORCE of Charlottesville
Virginia | Richmond: 1-800-DIVORCE of Richmond
Virginia | Virginia Beach: 1-800-DIVORCE of Virginia Beach
Wisconsin | Milwaukee: 1-800-DIVORCE of Milwaukee
Addiction and Divorce | Speak With An Addiction Specialist Today: Addiction and Divorce
There is a strong connection between alcoholism and divorce. | Your health is far more important than your divorce. If you have this problem, talk to someone today: Alcoholism and Divorce
To Find a Cost-Effective Divorce/Family Law Attorney:
To Serve Papers on Your Spouse Using a California Sheriff: California State Sheriff's Association
To Serve Papers on Your Spouse Using a Registered Process Server:
National Association of Professional Process Servers's Guide to Divorce: Your Divorce, Your Money
For Mortgage Advice and Refinancing in a Divorce Situation: Divorce Mortgage Advisors
To Find a Cost-Effective Private Investigator:
To Find Your Federal Prisoner Spouse: Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator
To Find Your California State Prisoner Spouse: California State Prison Inmate Locator
Legally Adjudicated Newspapers in California:
Legal Newspapers in Los Angeles County
Legal Newspapers in Orange County - see page 2 of link
Legal Newspapers in San Diego County
Legal Newspapers in Riverside County
Legal Newspapers in San Bernardino County
Legal Newspapers in Ventura County
The Fillmore Gazette
Ojai Valley News
Ventura County Star
Legal Newspapers in Santa Barbara County
Legal Authority to Obtain Your Spouse's California DMV Records Vehicle Code 1810
To Hire a Company to Obtain Your Spouse's DMV Records
Public Records Searches for Your Spouse:
To Find the Value of Vehicles:
Kelley Blue Book
To Estimate the Value of Real Estate
For a Directory of Many Divorce Related Providers Divorce Directory