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By Ed West

WARNING: The online divorce industry is highly competitive and completely unregulated. It can be dangerous for you - the divorce consumer. There is fraud, deception, price trickery and a huge amount of up-selling within the industry. Make sure the price you are quoted or see on the site is the WHOLE price - like it is at NetDivorce. NetDivorce and the 9 other sites listed below all provide a secure, customized, professional online divorce form preparation service that includes an online interview, some kind of forms delivery process and an instructional framework designed to get your divorce case filed and finalized through your local court. In our opinion, the sites compared below are the most popular 10 online California divorce sites, based on the size of their outreach and their apparent marketing budget.

APOLOGIES: This comparison table has become huge over the years. We know it's not convenient to look at it on your smart-phone. If you're mobile, you might be interested in looking also at our smaller comparison table here. However, we do believe that this is the best online divorce comparison table anywhere online - particularly for California divorce consumers.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Well, obviously we recommend that you hire NetDivorce. We suggest to you that any reasonable interpretation of the online divorce website comparison table below will lead you to that conclusion. However, if you wish to do more research, we also recommend that you take a look at the membership of The Online Divorce Association of America and reward the members of ODAA in your hiring decision for their courage in standing against all of the con-men and frauds in the online divorce profession. (Now powered by Wevorce)
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Geographic Scope: Nationwide Nationwide AND Canada Nationwide Nationwide Almost Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide California Only
Specializes in Divorce Only: No-does EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Divorce Cases Claimed:We know that the NetDivorce figure is accurate. We don't believe any other actual number in this row. Unknown-no claim found 700,000 users
It's difficult to know what a "user" is. In 2014, they claimed 1,000,000 cases. On September 20, 2012, their site claimed, "has helped over 30,000 couples" and on October 27 2013, it claimed 600,000 cases. So 570,000 cases in one year and 400,000 in the next year and then a loss of 300,000 cases last year?
All of these seem to be completely bogus claims. This may be the total number of visitors to their website.
Unknown - claims to have "reached over 10 million people." They claimed 120,000 for many years. 150,000 - it was 30,000 last year! Unknown-no claim found Unknown-claims "thousands" in their telephone recorded message Unknown - no claim found Unknown - just says, "many." 600,000 - Ridiculous. They've been in business for 8 months. This is how dumb they think you are. 29,500
Claims Guaranteed Service: Can find no claim of a guarantee of any kind since Wevorce took over! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Claims Unlimited Support: NO! In fact, now that Wevorce controls, it is clear that almost anything is an EXTRA COST! Yes Yes -phone or email Yes - phone or email - but makes the ridiculous claim that they are the only divorce service with phone and email support. Unknown-no claim found Yes Yes Yes Unknown - No Phone Number Listed Yes - phone, email or live chat Monday-Friday 7 AM - 7 PM
Claims Immediate Local Printing of Documents: Unknown-no claim found; In fact, with Wevorce, this has become a VERY THIN site in terms of details; Used to be snail mail delivery in 5-7 business days! Yes - or Free Mailing Yes - or Free Mailing but claims that they are the only service that provides this - a clearly false and pretty dumb claim. Unknown - no claim. Used to be a 24 hr. delay Yes No - According to a review on TrustPilot on 1/11/15, "After filling out the questionnaire, notification said it would take 3 to 10 business days for paperwork to be completed. It took over a month." That's because now has a $125 Expedition Fee. They hold your papers ransom till you pay. No - "your divorce forms can be compiled and completed in as little time as three to five business days" "the specialists...will make the forms available to download." Unknown - No Claim Found Unknown - No Claim Found Yes - take 3-6 seconds depending on your internet speed.
Claims Unlimited Immediate Free Changes to Forms: Unknown - no claim found; Used to be up to 30 days only! No-up to 30 days only - another low quality feature for this high priced service! Yes- but claims that they are the only service that provides this - a clearly false and pretty dumb claim. Yes Yes No - "once submitted they take 48 hours as per our policy" - BBB complaint 8/18/14 Unknown - no claim found Yes Unknown - no claim found Yes
Lawyer Referrals Available: Oh yeah! Big time. It's clear that all they want to do now is to upsell you to their subscribing lawyers. Yes - but to subscribing lawyers and mediators who pay them to refer! This is a conflict of interest. Yes - through JustAnswer Legal - at additional cost. Unknown-no claim found Unknown-no claim found Unknown - no claim found Unknown - no claim found Unknown - no claim found Unknown - no claim found Yes - We know lawyers in most parts of California. If we think you need a lawyer, we tell you that. You can either take our referral or look for your own - your decision. We don't get paid for or have any economic interest in referring you to any lawyer.
Case Review: Unknown - no claim found No No Unknown-no claim found Unknown-no claim found Yes Yes - but apparently this is what slows you down to a 3-5 business day delay Unknown - no claim found Unknown - no claim found Yes - DokChek. All of your papers are proofread by a lawyer with 35+ years of experience in California divorce
Marital Settlement Agreement Included in Price: Yes No Yes Unknown-no claim found Yes Yes Unknown - no claim found Unknown - no claim found Unknown - no claim found Yes - Our Ed West has prepared over 25,000 MSA's.
Children Included in Price: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown - no claim found Yes
Request to Waive Court Fees Included in Price: No - but I absolutely could not get the guy on the phone to tell me how much extra.  He just kept saying that I'd find out once I'd hired them. Yes No - and not even available at extra cost. unknown - no claim found and can never get through to them on the phone No No - "This form is not a required form needed to obtain a divorce." - response to BBB complaint dated 8/18/14 No - they will provide the blank form, but you must complete it yourself Unknown - no claim found Unknown - no claim found Yes
Claims Dedicated Case Worker Assigned for Same Price: Unknown - these guys don't tell you anything up front. No No No No Yes - but it is clear from numerous Better Business Bureau complaints that many, if not all, clients never actually speak to their case worker. Yes Yes Unknown - no claim found Yes - it's either Ed (31+ years experience in California divorce) or Peter (35+ years experience in California divorce)!
Uses the Fraudulent Certified Comments Service that Hides Behind a Private Registration; Displays No Address, Phone Number or Email Address and is Hosted On the Very Same Internet Server as Their Own Site: No No No No No Yes Yes No No No
Price Includes State AND COUNTY FORMS: Amazingly, yes! This is one of very few revealed details about this service. Unknown - no claim Apparently Not: county-specific forms and Request to Waive Court Fees NOT listed in documents provided No - claims "state Divorce documents" only - no county forms mentioned No - "state forms" only; HOWEVER, this company does not even prepare all of your state docs!! For example, if you go to their Help Center, it is revealed that they do not prepare the Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act. This is one of the most complex nationwide forms there is. Divorcewriter also does not prepare any of your financial information docs. YOU must complete these yourself by hand!!! If you have minor children of the marriage, DivorceWriter ONLY COMPLETES ABOUT HALF OF THE DOCS YOU WILL NEED. INCREDIBLE No-this site repeatedly says, "all state forms" Unknown - no claim found No - repeatedly states "state form only." Unknown - no claim found Yes. There's no way that the big nationwide companies can do this. It's tough to keep up with 58 California counties' local forms. It's just impossible to do it for 3000+ counties nationwide. Almost all cases have some local county forms. Unless you hire NetDivorce, you'll fill them in by hand while standing in line at the court.
Price Includes Filing Your Papers at Court For You: No - but will refer No No No No No No No No No - we have a referral to a third party at about $59 per filing.
Price: $749 plus court filing fee (plus $149 per hour if you need any assistance from a lawyer) $299 plus court filing fee $299 plus court filing fee (offers an expensive 2 or 3 installment payment option) $299 plus court filing fee $149 plus court filing fee $159 plus court filing fee - However, there is a LOT of up-selling. There's a $199 premium package - that's an EXTRA $199. There's also a $125 expedited package, but they claim to offer IMMEDIATE online download. $149 plus court filing fee $139 plus court filing fee $139 plus court filing fee $129 plus court filing fee
Notes: LegalZoom was always clueless on divorce - with HUNDREDS of Better Business Bureau complaints. Their business model obviously failed. They've partnered with Wevorce, which is brand new itself, on a hushed-up, hugely expensive up-selling operation to try to recover. It is likely that we won't include LegalZoom/Wevorce in our comparison next year. They no longer provide the same service model as other websites listed here. We think that Complete Case has read our comparison table over this past 4 years. They've improved a lot. This is a good site and a good company, apart from an obviously false claim on the number of cases they've handled and a completely inappropriate 90-day limit on access to your case. Many clients delay their cases for good and unavoidable reasons and should not be required to pay extra to access your own case after 90 days. Due to the multiple frauds on, now takes over the "second best" position in our analysis.  However, it is incredible that their fee does NOT include a Marital Settlement Agreement. It is hands-down the most important document in your case! claims to have been online since 1997 through its sister company, Divorce Source. But Divorce Source only provided divorce information and blank divorce forms. 3stepdivorce has really only been online providing divorce document preparation services since 2005. Vastly improved website appearance since our last review. This is a company. They display a fraudulent Better Business Bureau Accredited Business sign. They display unverified client testimonials. This site has been updated but it has become a very thin site - very little information is provided. Their fee went from $149 to $299 in one jump. This is a very thin site - almost no info. Again, nothing has been changed on this site for many years. And they don't even prepare all necessary state forms!! YOU must complete MANY forms BY HAND! This is a PARTIAL service only. It is fraud to attempt to trick a divorce consumer into hiring them by making you think they have hundreds of certified customer testimonials when they do not. They run their own bogus testimonial service!!

This site also runs at least another two online divorce review sites, and, which pretend to review 5 of the sites listed on this analysis and then recommends! They try to trick YOU into hiring them by recommending THEMSELVES!!

Ask yourself why an honest competent company would engage in such OBVIOUS FRAUDS. Don't hire until you have read at least some of the 47 Better Business Bureau complaints.
Sister site to
Sister Site to Uses a fake Business Consumer Alliance logo.
(We reproduce the exact same comments as for
Located in India. Lies about being in business since 2005. It's really since 2014. They are clueless. 14 Better Business Bureau complaints in the last 12 months and F-Rated by the BBB. Claims 91,000 verified reviews, but they only have 101. Uses the same 2 fake testimonials as These guys are bad news. Stay away. Located in India. Lies about being in business since 2002 and having handled 600,000 cases. They've been in business since January 2016. Uses the same 2 fake testimonials as These guys are bad news. Stay away. Like, we at also recommend ourselves. The difference between us is that we recommend ourselves openly on our own site, where you have an opportunity to use your own common sense to assess our levels of experience, competence, integrity and value. All NetDivorce client testimonials are certified by the Business Consumer Alliance. seeks to take away your opportunity to make your own decision by tricking you into thinking that they have thousands of certified client testimonials and that two independent review sites have recommended them, when neither of those claims is true.


DIVORCE KIT SELLERS: Not included in our comparison table above are online sellers of divorce "kits." They often try to look like full-service divorce providers. However, they are selling you nothing but a set of blank divorce forms you could pick up free from your local Superior Court or download free from the Judicial Council's website. Then you would have to know how to complete the several sets of forms correctly and completely and know what to do with each of them and when. That is the service the above sites provide you. Kit sellers are a waste of your time and money.

FREE DIVORCE KITS: Still other websites offer you FREE "kits" because they know what we just said above: you will never be able to complete the kit yourself without some level of personalized professional guidance. These sites are generally fronts for lawyer referrals. They sign up lawyers in your area and refer you to those lawyers when you get confused by your "kit." They get paid by the lawyer who gets the referral. A FREE kit will not help you if you are looking to get a divorce. It will only slow you down and confuse you, and that's what the FREE kit sellers count on. If you want a lawyer, hire one. But pick your own after doing research and analysis. Don't get duped by FREE kit providers into hiring their choice of a lawyer.

ROCKETLAWYER.COM FRAUD: Then there are sites, like, that claim to provide "free" completed divorce forms, but they aren't free and they don't provide divorce forms. The most infamous of these is They trick you into completing an interview (30-60 mins in most cases) on the promise that you will receive completed divorce forms "free." But when you finish the interview, you are presented with a choice of signing up for a legal services plan for $20 a month or a premium legal services plan for $50 a month. Both are on credit card auto-billing. They do offer a third option, which is a one week "free" plan, which enables them to claim "free" upfront, but you soon recognize that on the free plan, you can't download or print your "free" form. So you can see your form on the screen, but can't save it to disc or print it.

To top it all off, when you look at the two paid legal services plans involved, you realize that there are no actual California state or county divorce forms included in either plan. All you get for $20 or $50 a month is a generic "Divorce Settlement Agreement," which does not include many absolutely mandatory clauses required by California law and state or county procedure. Their lawyers will prepare your actual divorce documents for an additional fee. You've just been hoodwinked. is outrageously misleading. Whatever you do, stay away from and other lead generators for legal service plans. isn't included in our comparison table because it doesn't provide online divorce services.

ANCILLARY DIVORCE SERVICES: There are also many reputable divorce-related sites that provide divorce information, emotional support, group discussion and many helpful links, but no actual divorce form preparation service. There is nothing wrong with such sites. Just be certain this is what you want.

LEGAL: NetDivorce updates this online divorce website comparison table from time to time. It was last updated in September 2016 (prior updates were October 2014 and September 2013). Care is taken to ensure that the information displayed above is accurate at the time of update, but obviously this type of data is dynamic and changes frequently. Be aware that the con-men in the online divorce industry are smart and fast. Often, the evidence of their frauds is removed within days of our updates, though the frauds themselves are never abandoned. Online divorce prices generally do not go down. All trademarks displayed above are the property of their respective owners.