Online Divorce


NetDivorce does not advocate divorce. No one here wants you to divorce. At one point in your life, your marriage was valuable to both you and your spouse. It can be that way again, if you BOTH want it to be so. The happiest and best resolution of your current marital trouble would be to save your marriage. All marriages require work just to maintain. Troubled marriages require more work to save. Any marriage, including yours, is worth saving, if that is possible.

However, NetDivorce also equally does not advocate that anyone remains in a dangerous or unhappy marriage if the marriage cannot be saved. Your health and happiness are more important than your marriage. Only you, and no one else, can make that difficult personal choice, based upon your own best interests and those of any children. Save your marriage if you can, but be healthy and happy above all.

NetDivorce is, and will be, ready if and when you are.